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I got the miniature bug a few years ago when I built a dollhouse for my twin granddaughters. Then I sold a dollhouse on ebay ( I have been an ebay addict for many years). But shipping it was a nightmare.

So I decided I would create roomboxes. I did enter a contest along the way, met some great people with blogs about minis and realized the caliber at which these miniatures are made- it really blew me away-I also was astonished at all the new products ( most non-toxic) out there to create with- polymer clay, " magic water" and porcelain molds.I was always sort of disappointed in dollhouse figures, so I started experimenting with polymer clay molds of fairies to go with my fairy house. Millie, as you see here, is my third attempt at creating character figures. She is painted by me, but the mold is Colvin, which I like since you can pose the arms and legs. Eventually I hope to create all the figures and animals.

On this journey, there is soo much to learn but for some crazy reason, it does not feel like a chore. I hope you will join me, as I stumble along!